I still try to grow my own tobacco, but it seems I’ll fail again. First of all, the seed is a joke, it’s so small, I can hardly see it. Well, I’m a bit schaßaugert, so it may be just me. Usually stuff I grow really grows, but tobacco seems to be different.

Last year I used some soil from my garden. This time I used flower soil but there is still no life in it, sigh.


Any hints??? Anyway, I’ll keep watching and shouting if necessary…

Update 21-03-2015Top

Finally I made a tiny greenhouse and that did the trick.


Now we need just a lot of time, some sunny place in the garden, much sunschine and maybe some more, for my homegrown cigartettes.

Sorry for the blurred pictures, but I’m just no able to make not-so-blurred pictures with my phone.

Update 20-07-2015Top

Three survived!

Stupid slugs, they may not know that tobacco is quite toxic.


Update 01-08-2015Top



Update 08-08-2015Top

Harvested the first leafes and hung it up for drying. I think I’m a bit late, but I’m 1000 m above the seas level, and here everything is a bit later. Even my apricots are still green.