WTF GoogleTop

Google, why do you think you know the name of my first teacher, when even I don’t know it?


By the way, this is surely not my secret question, because I never configured it, and I forgot the name of my first teacher decades before Google was born. I Know, this may be unbelievable for you digital naïves.


Not being able to login into my Google account raises at least one question: How to use my Android Phone? The answer for me was, not at all. Sure, I could just make a new Google Account, but needing a Google Account to be able to use my phone is ridiculous.

What I did instead was: I obtained a Bootloader unlock key for my Phone and installed CyanogenMod on it. Fortunately I had the Android SDK installed, so it took me just some minutes:

  1. Get the image for your Phone
  2. Unlock the Bootloader
  3. Use the fastboot tool from the Android SDK to install the image.
  4. Reboot, done

The first thing I installed on the Phone was F-Droid (APK), an alternative to Googles App store (obviously I can’t login to it either).


For calendar and contacts I use Baïkal in combination with DAVdroid (Phone) and Thunderbird SOGo Connector (Desktop) running on a Banana Pi since a long time.


I think I owe Google a big Thank You! Now I’m completely Goolge-free with a Phone without Vendor- and Google-Crap that is impossible to get rid of.

This was probably one of the better ideas I had.