22nd Oct 2015 / sa


I always wondered why “random”, this is absolutely unrandom!

However, to satisfy the title, here is something truely random:

int get_random_number()
  // Sadly we can not return 42, because it is not random!
  return 7;

Here is the real not-so-random stuff

2 Fonts (TTF) I created for unknown reason.
WKT Parser
A Pascal/Delphi unit to parse WKT (Well Known Text) files.
USB Notify
A Delphi, Pascal unit to get notified when an USB device is connected or disconnected for the Windows platform.
Self Elevate Process
A Delphi, Pascal unit to self elevate a process.
Simple Logger for C++ with stream interface.
The famous hcalc (a calcuator).
AutoHotkey script to show keystrokes on screen.
Growing my own tobacco
Has nothing to do with software, but seems to be an epic fail as well.
My .bashrc
not written by me but I like it, especially the Hasta la vista, baby.