Martis Map Editor. A program to create and edit geographical Maps.




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South Africa Map

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South Africa Map

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Multiscreen support


You don’t want to do this! However, try the following:


  1. Create a VM with Windows XP
  2. Install Delphi 5 with Update Pack 1
  3. Download/clone all the sources (may take a while)
  4. Install all components in .\comps and .\MapDraw
  5. Run _dcc32.bat or open martis.dpr and click Compile or Build

If you compile from the commandline, you do not need to install the components.

With a lot of luck and some patience you’ll get a new martis.exe file.


  1. Install Microsoft Vinsual C++ 2010 (Express). Later versions may or may not work.
  2. cd to sdk\ai\lua4m
  3. Run: MSBuild.exe lua4m.sln /t:Rebuild /p:Configuration=Release

There are some other projects that needs to be compiled for a setup program, see 00build.bdx.


  1. Download InnoSetup
  2. Open .\setup\martis.iss
  3. Click the Compile button

To doTop

If you wonder what to do next, here is a short list:

I’m currently working on a XE3 port of MapDraw and Unicode is slowly coming:

MapDraw Unicode

It will be hard to port Martis to XE3 since key components won’t install in XE3.


MapDraw is a component suite for rendering and drawing geographical maps. This component is the core of Martis. It is located in the MapDraw subdirectory. There is a package for D5 (MapDraw.dpk) and D7 (MapDraw_D7.dpk) and a test project (Project1.dpr). After installing in Delphi, there should be a new MapDraw Tab with around 60 new components.

It provides components and classes to (1) render and edit maps, to (2) load and save maps in different formats, to (3) interface with GPS devices.

See the test project how to use it.