ABx Creating a game server, take 5. The name actually should be ABf, but the x is for remembering this is the last attempt! Too bad, a game server without client doesn’t make sense ;(. Features Uses a single TCP stream for the game protocol. This is not a shooter or action game, more like a classical online RPG. Database… More ›

9th Jan 2018 / sa


Logger This is a simple Logger for C++ with stream interface. It either logs to std::cout or to a file. Usage To log to std::cout Just use: ~~~cpp include “Logger.h” LOG_INFO « “Server is running” « std::endl; LOG_INFO « “Server is running for ” « 42 « ” hours” « std::endl; LOG_INFO « “Server is running… More ›

5th Nov 2017 / sa


POAuth2 Simple OAuth2 client for Pascal. License MIT Compatibility OS Windows, Linux Compiler Delphi, Free Pascal Limitations/Features Supported GrantTypes: user credentials, authorization code, client credentials Supported token types: Bearer, MAC (untested) Supports HTTP GET and POST. Server… More ›

27th Oct 2017 / sa


Tiny3D My humble attempt to create a minimal 3D rendering engine. It is only targeting Windows and D3D11 (atm). Note This is a work in progress. Usage ~~~cpp include “Tiny3DAll.h” using namespace Tiny3D; int APIENTRY wWinMain(In HINSTANCE hInstance, In_opt HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, … More ›

23rd Apr 2017 / sa

Self Elevate Process

Self Elevate Process Sometimes a process must run with Administrator privileges. This Unit can start the own process with Administrator privileges. Usage Include this unit in your project and call RunElevated at the beginning of your program. It will then: Check if the process has Administrator privileges If is doesn’t… More ›

22nd Jan 2017 / sa


pasdivert Pascal binding for WinDivert. This Unit can be used with Delphi and Free Pascal. WinDivert Copied from the Website: WinDivert is a user-mode packet capture-and-divert package for Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8. WinDivert allows user-mode applications to capture/modify/drop… More ›

17th Jan 2017 / sa


Cube I wrote a compiler (unpublished), an OS kernel (unfinished, but I think I got the concept), a CAD program (and a lot more over the years), and now I think it’s time to do something useful with my skills – writing a Game. I never wrote a Game before – except Pacman for a Pocket Calculator in School –, so it should be something… More ›

27th Aug 2016 / sa


KeyboardOnScreen AutoHotkey script to show keystrokes on screen. I just used and added the F-keys and Esc. Useful for screen casts or when recording/streaming… More ›

31st May 2016 / sa


gsxsteg Is a small commandline program which provides steganography for BMP and PNG files. Steganography hides information in containers (medium). It does not encrypt the information. This algorithm modifies the least significant bit (LSB) of pixels in Bitmaps. License This Program is distributed under the terms of the GNU… More ›

20th Apr 2016 / sa


Wipe A commanline program to securely delete files by overwriting them with random data and certain patterns. License GPL Compatibility OS Windows, Linux Compiler Free Pascal Usage ~~~ wipe [-m ] [-f] [-s] [-h|-?] <files…> mode: delete, d: delete simple, s: simple overwrite dod: DOD overwrite… More ›

15th Apr 2016 / sa


Hyperlight Hyperlight is a code highlighter for PHP. Download GitHub Usage ~~~iphp require_once “/path/to/hyperlight/hyperlight.php”; if (HyperLanguage::exists($language)) { $hyperlight = new Hyperlight($language); echo $hyperlight→render($code); } else { echo “Sorry,… More ›

3rd Mar 2016 / sa


Projects Some old, not so old or very old software I’ve written for some reason. Where not otherwise noted the WEL applies. ABx 3D Game server I’m trying to make… SOS OS kernel compiled with Free Pascal for x86 Cube Trying to make a game…… More ›

3rd Mar 2016 / sa


~~~ THE FUNNY LICENSE (FUL) Version 1.0, 30.04.2011 0 Preface This license is granted only to a natural person. This means, legal persons, not being a natural person can’t use this software anyway. 0.1 Alternative Names The Non-Non-Un-Nonsense License (N2UNSL). The Greater… More ›

20th Feb 2016 / sa


SOS Experimental OS kernel compiled with Free Pascal for x86. Warning Do not run on real hardware, this is highly experimental and does not much more than being busy with itself. It may even be dangerous to run it in VirtualBox. Goals None Non-Goals Usefulness Everything else Download [Bootable… More ›

10th Feb 2016 / sa


hcalc This is the famous hcalc by DJ Delorie. I just compiled a 64-bit version and added an icon, fixed some warnings and added Clipboard Copy (Ctrl+C), Paste (Ctrl+V). License GPL Copyright 1998 DJ Delorie Compiling I used Pelles C. Open… More ›

11th Jan 2016 / sa


Martis Martis Map Editor. A program to create and edit geographical Maps. Features Create new Maps for your Garmin┬« device. Load and Save Maps in Polish Format, OSM XML, MapInfo MIF and TAB, ESRI shape, OziExplorer MAP and its own XML-like file format. Load and Save Tracks, Routes and Waypoints in GPX format and KML. Can read other… More ›

24th Dec 2015 / sa


UnicornPascal Pascal language binding for the Unicorn emulator (GitHub). Unicorn is a lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework based on QEMU. License GPL Compatibility OS Windows, Linux… More ›

8th Nov 2015 / sa


Random I always wondered why “random”, this is absolutely unrandom! However, to satisfy the title, here is something truely random: int get_random_number() { // Sadly we can not return 42, because it is not random! return 7; } Here is the real not-so-random stuff Fonts 2 Fonts (TTF) I created… More ›

22nd Oct 2015 / sa


Fonts Font rendering changed over the time in Windows, so these Fonts may not look now as it was expected. And I’m not, and was never an expert in creating Fonts. License Public Domain 14 Segment Font Download TTF Another… More ›

22nd Oct 2015 / sa

Capstone for Delphi

Capstone for Delphi Delphi/Free Pascal Unit to use the Capstone Disassembler Library. This Unit has been tested with Free Pascal 2.6.4 and Delphi XE3. I was able to compile and run the test project on Linux Debian 7.8. I used quite dated versions of Lazarus ( and Free Pascal (2.6.0) with no… More ›

3rd Oct 2015 / sa

Pascal Executable Parser

Pascal Executable Parser A collection of classes and functions to parse executable files for the Pascal language, namely for Free Pascal and Delphi. Everything is implemented in Pascal, there are no external dependencies. These are my findings trying to parse these files. Not everything is implemented yet (e.g. Resource parsing), and… More ›

16th Aug 2015 / sa


Tobacco I still try to grow my own tobacco, but it seems I’ll fail again. First of all, the seed is a joke, it’s so small, I can hardly see it. Well, I’m a bit scha├čaugert, so it may be just me. Usually stuff I grow really grows, but tobacco seems to be different. Last year I used some soil… More ›

8th Aug 2015 / sa


About This is the private homepage of sa. Privacy This site does not use cookies. Contact Email: sa at 0x2a dot wtf Github: Tox ID: 936C76CA4E8DE6EDB18AB9B7F3EFA80381CD59965D3136DE1F754D40664B2C7F3EFCC903425D … More ›

5th Aug 2015 / sa

USB Notify

USB Notify This is a simple Delphi/Pascal unit to get notified when an USB device is connected or disconnected. This works on the Windows platform. Usage The constructor of the class (TMDUsbNotify) expects a GUID identifying the USB device. To get a notification for all devices, use the GUID_DEVINTERFACE_USB_DEVICE… More ›

25th Jul 2015 / sa

Sad Sam

Sad Sam Is a disassembler and emulator for a minimal subset of the x86 instruction set. It is an educational project to learn how processors work, how an OS loads and executes binaries, how to parse different executeable files (PE, ELF, DOS EXE…), loading libraries, relocating and all that funky stuff. Fileformats Currently it… More ›

21st Jul 2015 / sa


Welcome to More ›

10th May 2015 / sa


ESQ A quick and dirty query interface for ElasticSearch. License FUL Features Query ElasticSearch server Syntax Check JSON body Convert JSON body to PHP code Check if ElasticSearch is running Download PHP Source Configure … More ›

30th Apr 2015 / sa


giddot Minimal PHP templates engine. Requirements OS (Raspbian and Win7 are tested) Webserver (Apache and nginx are tested) PHP Routes Routes are defined in __INC__/ Views Views are in __VIEW__. Filename must be (classname).class.php. Abstract classes should… More ›

7th Aug 2014 / sa


Giddo Current version Version 0.7 Lightweight PHP Git remote repository viewer with minimal dependencies and a sophisticated caching mechanism. Requirements OS (Raspbian and Win7 are tested) Webserver (Apache and nginx are tested) PHP Git ist not required. Installation ————… More ›

22nd Jun 2014 / sa

WKT Parser

WKT Parser This is a simple parser for WKT (Well Known Text) files used for geographic projection descriptions. WKT files have a tree-like structure, similar to XML files. Main parsing routine The main parsing routine is very simple and fast: ~~~pascal… More ›

10th Jun 2013 / sa

GPS Relay

GPS Relay GPS Relay is a standalone NMEA TCP/IP Server. It can read GPS position data from different sources and broadcast it to clients in a TCP/IP network (LAN, Wi-Fi) in NMEA format. Additionally to serving the raw NMEA sentences, GPS Relay can be a HTTP server, so it’s possible to see the current position on a moving map in a Web… More ›

28th Jan 2013 / sa


peflags Sets PE Header Flags. Must be a 32 bit PE file, PE64 is not supported. Usage peflags version 0.2, (c) 2000 Petr Vones (c) 2012 Stefan Ascher Syntax : peflags <filename> [-CD][-NET][-LAA] [-INFO] Options: CD - on removable media, copy and run from the swap file. NET - on the&hellip; More ›

26th Sep 2012 / sa


THunSpell Hunspell is the spell checker used by, LibreOffice and Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird etc.). This is a unit to use Hunspell with Delphi. Dictionaries You can download dictionaries from SoftMaker Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice.… More ›

11th Jul 2011 / sa


The Whatever License (WEL) Version 1.0, 03.09.2010 Use whatever License you like with the following addition: The Software is provided “as-is”, without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the Author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of the Software. More ›

3rd Sep 2010 / sa


MACAL This program takes an amino acid sequence and calculates the mass of it, like GPMAW can do. Download Binary and Source Usage Start macal.exe Select the modifications you want to use Enter the sequence of interest If you use more… More ›

4th Apr 2007 / sa


BibEdt A very simple program to edit BibTeX files. Last compiled years (wow 9 years) ago with VC++ 6 with MFC, but still runs on Windows 7, as far as I can see. There is also a SourceForge page. License BibEdt is subject to the GNU General Public License Version 2 (the “License”); you… More ›

11th Oct 2006 / sa


GetWnd A program to show window information under the mouse cursor. Download Binary and Source Requirements/Installation This program does not have any requirements and installation is not needed. Just copy it to some folder and run it from there. Screenshot … More ›

20th Jan 2001 / sa