20th Feb 2016 / sa
                       THE FUNNY LICENSE (FUL)
                       Version 1.0, 30.04.2011

0 Preface

 This license is granted only to a natural person. This means, legal persons, not 
 being a natural person can't use this software anyway.

0.1 Alternative Names

 * The Non-Non-Un-Nonsense License (N2UNSL).
 * The Greater License (GRML).
 * The Cry of Frustration License (#$%#!!).

1 Restrictions

 You may use the software without any restrictions, if:

 1.1 You are not payed by an organization that gets public money (this includes 
  all Banks).
  1.1.1 You build me a castle with towers and dungeons in South France.
 1.2 You are not a Lawyer.
   1.2.1 You proof that time travels are possible.
 1.3 You don't work for the Ad-industry.
   1.3.1 You resign from your job tomorrow.
 1.4 You don't work for the content industry.
   1.4.1 You work for a game studio.
 1.5 You don't get a salary that is higher than the mass of the death star divided 
  by 4.3478e14
   1.5.1 You have so much money that you could build a death star.
   1.5.2 You built a death star already
 1.6 If we assume there are Cat-types and Dog-types, you are a Cat-type.
   1.6.1 You have mice in you cellar.
    Alternatives: -> 1.6.2 and 1.3.1
   1.6.2 You know all spiders in your house by name.
   Alternative: You know all spiders in your apartment by name.
 1.7 You know at what position in Pi your telephone number is.
   1.7.1 You know Chuck Norris, so you could ask him.
   1.7.2 You know the position of the telephone number from your Girlfriend
    Alternatives: Not you know it, but Chuck Norris knows it You have a Boyfriend and you know it
      Alternatives: Chuck Norris knows it and not Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier knows it but not Chuck Norris All know it but you don't
 1.8 You know how to write a virus, but never did it (Note: using and writing a 
  virus is not the same).
   1.8.1 You wrote a Virus once but the only machine it infected was the Vogons 
    poetry storage machine.
 1.9 You know how to crack an encrypted iPhone, but never did it.
   1.9.1 You don't know how to crack an encrypted iPhone but did it twice without a 
   1.9.2 -> and ( or
   1.9.3 -> 1.2.1
 1.10 You have written a valid PE file (32 or 64 Bit, doesn't matter) that prints 
  `The author of this license is so awesome!` to StdOut with a Hex Editor of your 
  choice. If you are on Linux get Wine because ELF would be too easy.
   1.10.1 Use MS Paint instead of a Hex Editor.
   1.10.2 You wrote a MMO (Server and Client) with only built in Bash commands (i.e.
    no external programs).
    Alternative: You realized Bash will not be enough to make such a game and wrote a Bash
      compatible alternative that is able to make such a program, and then you
      wrote it for the new Bash.
      Alternative: You activated the superpower of the zsh to be a MMO (Server and Client) 
        out of the box.
        Alternatives: You have superpower -> ( and and not 1.4.1) or (not and
   1.10.3 You are the author of ASCIIQuarium
 1.11 You have seen the Alien movies.
   1.11.1 You think you are an Alien, therefore there is no need to watch these movies.
   1.11.2 You survived a Vogon poetry.
    Alternatives: You wrote a Vogon poetry once
     Alternatives: -> and (1.10.2 or 1.12.1) and not 1.7.1
 1.12 Your boss asked you one time to create a software for a customer. You thought, 
  oh great this will be interesting. After weeks and months of hard work you 
  stood up to take a look at the bigger picture of what you created. Then you realized 
  it was a toaster.
   1.12.1 It was not a toaster but a Cylon
   1.12.2 You resigned from your job before realizing it will be a toaster.
    Alternatives: You resigned from your job before realizing it will be a Cylon.
   1.12.3 -> 1.10.3
    Alternatives: ->
 1.13 If you call a random number generator (which returns a float between 0 and 
  1) 10 times, you get 7 times a 0.42
   1.13.1 You know how to seed a PRNG to return 0.42 in 7 of 10 cases
   1.13.2 -> ( or not and 1.12.1
 1.14 You can proof that you are still sane
   1.14.1 -> 1.6.2 or
   1.14.2 You can proof that there is at least one sane You in an alternative