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ABx Creating a game server, take 5. The name actually should be ABf, but the x is for remembering this is the last attempt! Too bad, a game server without client doesn’t make sense ;(. Features Uses a single TCP stream for the game protocol. This is not a shooter or action game, more like a classical online RPG. Database… More ›

9th Jan 2018 / sa


Logger This is a simple Logger for C++ with stream interface. It either logs to std::cout or to a file. Usage To log to std::cout Just use: ~~~cpp include “Logger.h” LOG_INFO « “Server is running” « std::endl; LOG_INFO « “Server is running for ” « 42 « ” hours” « std::endl; LOG_INFO « “Server is running… More ›

5th Nov 2017 / sa


POAuth2 Simple OAuth2 client for Pascal. License MIT Compatibility OS Windows, Linux Compiler Delphi, Free Pascal Limitations/Features Supported GrantTypes: user credentials, authorization code, client credentials Supported token types: Bearer, MAC (untested) Supports HTTP GET and POST. Server… More ›

27th Oct 2017 / sa


Tiny3D My humble attempt to create a minimal 3D rendering engine. It is only targeting Windows and D3D11 (atm). Note This is a work in progress. Usage ~~~cpp include “Tiny3DAll.h” using namespace Tiny3D; int APIENTRY wWinMain(In HINSTANCE hInstance, In_opt HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, … More ›

23rd Apr 2017 / sa

Self Elevate Process

Self Elevate Process Sometimes a process must run with Administrator privileges. This Unit can start the own process with Administrator privileges. Usage Include this unit in your project and call RunElevated at the beginning of your program. It will then: Check if the process has Administrator privileges If is doesn’t… More ›

22nd Jan 2017 / sa
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