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Tiny3D My humble attempt to create a minimal 3D rendering engine. It is only targeting Windows and D3D11 (atm). Note This is a work in progress. Usage ~~~cpp include “Tiny3DAll.h” using namespace Tiny3D; int APIENTRY wWinMain(In HINSTANCE hInstance, In_opt HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, … More ›

23rd Apr 2017 / sa

Self Elevate Process

Self Elevate Process Sometimes a process must run with Administrator privileges. This Unit can start the own process with Administrator privileges. Usage Include this unit in your project and call RunElevated at the beginning of your program. It will then: Check if the process has Administrator privileges If is doesn’t… More ›

22nd Jan 2017 / sa


pasdivert Pascal binding for WinDivert. This Unit can be used with Delphi and Free Pascal. WinDivert Copied from the Website: WinDivert is a user-mode packet capture-and-divert package for Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8. WinDivert allows user-mode applications to capture/modify/drop… More ›

17th Jan 2017 / sa


Cube I wrote a compiler (unpublished), an OS kernel (unfinished, but I think I got the concept), a CAD program (and a lot more over the years), and now I think it’s time to do something useful with my skills – writing a Game. I never wrote a Game before – except Pacman for a Pocket Calculator in School –, so it should be something… More ›

27th Aug 2016 / sa


KeyboardOnScreen AutoHotkey script to show keystrokes on screen. I just used https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/59105-on-screen-keyboard-with-sound-effect/ and added the F-keys and Esc. Useful for screen casts or when recording/streaming… More ›

31st May 2016 / sa
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